Pancake Tips

How to make your gourmet pancakes just the right thickness:

Everyone has their own idea of how thick or thin a pancake should be. There are slightly more than three cups of mix per package (enough for two batches) so we suggest you control the thickness by reducing or adding water. Worst case, add a tablespoon of flour to thicken..

Best temperature to cook pancakes?

Good pancakes are the result of a good recipe and correct griddle/pan temperature. We’ve taken care of the recipe so the temperature is up to you. Not hot enough; slow cooking makes tough pancakes. Too hot; burned edges and burned flour. Test by making a one tablespoon pancake and adjust temperature accordingly. With an electric griddle, 375 degrees is perfect.

The perfect toppings for your gourmet pancakes

The universal choice is butter and syrup. There are dozens of syrups and you probably have your favorite, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Our 5-Grain Flapjack is especially good with honey as well as any type of berries. Gingerbread Pancake is terrific with sautéed apples or warm applesauce. Any kind of fresh fruit works, and a little whipped cream really sets them off. Buttermilk Pancake is pretty much wide open to anything except catsup.