With operations based out of Cashton, Wisconsin, the Great American Pancake Company has been family owned and operated since 2003. Local residents Garrick Olerud and his mother, Jan Hesson, along with their spouses, Kassi Olerud and Mark Blackbourn, purchased the company and set up shop outside of Cashton in February 2017.  A commercial kitchen was installed in Hesson’s basement keeping the production close to home.  

      The company’s products are featured on their website, Facebook, Instagram and dozens of retail stores around the coulee region.  Hesson and family also travel to numerous local craft shows. The Great American Pancake Company also offer opportunities for fundraising, gift boxes and corporate gifts. 

     They pride themselves in buying the best ingredients for their gourmet pancakes; which has made the taste and quality of its product a success in the pancake business.  All the products can be made as pancakes or waffles. There are 10 varieties offered all year round, including their signature Cinnamon, Angel Cakes, Buttermilk and Brown Sugar & Oatmeal.  The Cinnamon pancakes include cinnamon chips that burst as the pancakes are cooked.  Delicious!

     Each bag is enough to make two batches of nine to ten pancakes. Customers just add the egg, oil or butter, and water.  It’s so good, it’s guaranteed!