Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancake Mix – Bucket Size

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancake Mix America’s favorite cookie now in breakfast form. This is not just a pancake mix with chips added. No! No! This is a specially formulated brown sugar batter with semi sweet chocolate. Your family will beg for them.

Buttermilk Pancake Mix – Bucket Size

Buttermilk Pancake Mix Everyone loves buttermilk pancakes, but who has buttermilk in the fridge? We solved that problem by including dry buttermilk in this gourmet mix. Try sprinkling your pancakes with fresh blueberries before you flip ’em. Click here for nutritional...

Angel Cakes Pancake Mix – Bucket Size

Angel Cakes Pancake Mix Delectable white chocolate enhances this delicate, vanilla-flavored batter. Especially good with fresh raspberries, strawberries or your favorite fruit spread. How about fresh fruit & crème anglaise for a surprise dessert?

5-Grain Flapjack Mix – Bucket Size

5-Grain Flapjack Mix Two types of wheat flour, corn meal, rolled oats and sunflower seeds plus a hint of molasses make this hearty mix. Full of flavor with a nice crunchy texture. Delicious with honey butter. Don’t be thrown by the name 5-Grain Flapjack. This is an...